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James W. Hawk
author and filmmaker
  James W. Hawk was born in New Eagle, Pennsylvania and grew up in East Cleveland, Ohio. He is of German, Irish, Scottish and Native American (Seneca) decent. He attended Ohio University in Architecture and completed his higher education at Cleveland State University as a Mechanical Engineer. He pursued a career in industrial sales and marketing with a Fortune 500 company which resulted in relocations to Rochester, New York, South Bend, Indiana and New Haven, Connecticut.

Jim's first independent film project was a two hour cinema verite called Old School Roadster which aired on Connecticut television.

Jan Harlan (executive producer for Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg) viewed Jim’s work and gave his work high marks. F. Miguel Valenti viewed Jim’s work and assessed it as better than much of what is released these days.

One of Jim’s films was recently awarded semi-finalist at a science fiction film festival out of a thousand entries.

Jim wrote, produced and directed his first scripted short film, Alpha to Omega: Part 4 with limited resources and plenty of ingenuity. Since that time, he has produced, written and directed many narrative short films, documentaries, music videos, animation films, experimental films, time-lapse films and industrial presentations.

Jim has also worked for the Connecticut Film Industry Training Program for three years as an Associate Producer and Director of the "behind the scenes" film of their short film project. He has been interviewed on television regarding the making of one of his short films. He has taken filmmaking classes at a local university. He has had his films shown at film festivals, local venues like Quinnipiac University and on local television. His work is represented on IMDb.

He continues to make short films and has added “published author” to his resume. He published his first short story of his A.T.H.O.I.A. Anthology which is titled TO beta-VANVERDEN AND BACK on Amazon Kindle.
Then he published his second short story of his A.T.H.O.I.A. Anthology which is titled, FAILURE. It went to number two on the Amazon Top 100 Best Seller U.S. Short Story list. Recently he published WILLARD'S FUNDAMENTAL FORCE. It went to number 11 on Amazon's Best Sellers in Science Fiction Anthologies.


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